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Please forgive me for simplifying things, but I don’t understand either side of this debate about “Pro-Israel” or “Pro-Palestine.”  I didn’t know we were making political distinctions with peoples’ lives again.  When you step back from the whole thing, I would imagine the rational thing to say is “Pro-Peace.”  Because, you know, real people are actually dying.



Residents Of Toledo Are Urged NOT To Drink Or Boil Water, Water Contains Algal Toxins. Boiling the water in Toledo will NOT destroy the toxins, it will increase the concentration of toxins in the water. Do not give any water to your pets or livestock. If you live in Toledo, Ohio and need water, call 734-997-7500 to see if they still have some available for delivery.

Please share with friends and family that live in Toledo, OH.

For more info about the official notice from city officials, go here: 

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